Cuckoo clock isn´t cuckoo clock

If you are looking for a traditional cuckoo clock as a gift or as a souvenir, you can find a lot of different shops which offer many different variations of cuckoo clocks. But you have to note that most of the cuckoo clocks you will find are not the authentic ones from Germany. By now lots of these amazing clocks are produced in China or in other countries of the world – and they look, without question, quite similar to the authentic ones from Germany. But they are not the real, authentic cuckoo clocks from Germany. Also they are in most cases not handmade. Traditional cuckoo clocks are only the ones that are manufactured in Germany, in the Black Forest.

On our website we only show you real, authentic cuckoo clocks which are manufactured in the Black Forest (German “Schwarzwald”) in Germany. Now it is up to you – do you want to buy an authentic gift or souvenir or do you want to buy an imitated one?

Different variations of the traditional German cuckoo clock

The world famous German cuckoo clock is available in six different variations. We would like to present the different variations, so you can find the best cuckoo clock for you.

Cuckoo clocks with Black Forest motifs

The most popular set is the cuckoo clock with Black Forest motifs. These clocks show on the one site the hard life of farmers on a Black Forest farm, on the other side, the coziness and romance of rural life.

The clock at itself shows always a traditional Black Forest farm house (in German “Schwarzwaldhaus”). Such an authentic black forest farmhouse has usually two floors. At the ground floor there is the entrance door in the middle and on the left and the right sight are windows. At the first floor there are in most cases some windows and in front of them a huge balcony. One of the windows at the first floor is usually the home of the traditional cuckoo.

In front of the house, at the ground floor, there is often a seating bench that shows the farmer himself or his whole family. Sometimes these clocks also show a beer drinking farmer in front of his Black Forest farmhouse or/ and his dog (sometimes a German shepherd, in German “Deutscher Schäferhund”).

The cuckoo clocks with Black Forest motifs are all very detailed and show very often single figures, such as deer, birds or small children. Particularly frequently, these clocks show also small scenes on a Black Forest farm. The pendulum weights that hang beneath the cuckoo clock are often modeled as pinecones. A cuckoo clock with Black Forest motifs you can view without getting bored for hours.

Chalet style cuckoo clocks

The chalet style cuckoo clocks are the continuation of the traditional cuckoo clocks with Black Forest motifs. Some of them are very similar to the ones previously described. The chalet style cuckoo clocks do not only show a Black Forest motif. The chalet style cuckoo clocks always tell a little story. For example, a normal day on a Black Forest farm, the traditional May Day or they tell a story by the Brothers Grimm. This is an example of a story that a Chalet style cuckoo clock could tell:

“Hansel & Gretel” by the Grimm Brothers The German fairy tale “Hansel & Gretel” is probably one of the most famous fairy tales of the world….and the story happens in the German Black Forest. So it is obvious that there are Black Forest cuckoo clocks which tell this story. According to this a chalet style cuckoo clock could show Hansel & Gretel coming out of the Black Forest to the farmhouse, where the old witch is already waiting for them.

Wood Carving Cuckoo Clocks

The carved cuckoo clocks represent the noblest variant of cuckoo clocks. They are available in various designs. Starting with cuckoo clocks with small carved adornments, to large carvings, which are attached to the cuckoo clock. The carvings are all handmade and produced with great attention to detail. Some cuckoo clocks carry an entire carved deer head as a crown and make the them very impressive.

Especially if you want to buy a traditional German wood carving cuckoo clock, it is really important that you see that it is an authentic clock from the German Black Forest. You can get cuckoo clocks with carved adornments also from other countries than Germany. But if you do so – you can not be sure, that the wood, that was used to manufacture the clock, is from a tree in the Black Forest. Only if you buy a clock from Germany, especially from a producer in the Black Forest, you can be sure that they have used native wood.

Also, if you buy any wood carving cuckoo clock, you can not be sure that the carvings are really handmade by a traditional Black Forest farmer. You are only on the safe side by buying a wood carving cuckoo clock from Germany.

Black Forest shield clocks

The cuckoo clocks with shields are clearly different from all other cuckoo clocks. The special thing about this cuckoo clocks is the painting. Individual landscape designs or scenes are not carved but painted on a plate. Each cuckoo clock is individually hand painted and is therefore unique. This plate covers the whole cuckoo clock. But of course the Shield of the kuku clock has a window for the cuckoo.

If you think about a German cuckoo clock – a Black forest shield clock is for sure not the first one you are thinking of. But, also if it looks really different to all the other traditional cuckoo clocks, a Black Forest shield clock is a part of the authentic German cuckoo clock-family. Not a few Germans have such Black Forest shield clocks in their living room.

Railroad house clocks

The so-called railroad house cuckoo clocks are simpler than all other traditional cuckoo clocks. Especially for railway fans are the railroad house cuckoo clocks special. They have been around many years ago since a railroad house with such a clock was equipped.

The railroad house clocks are also a part of the cuckoo clock-family – but allowedly not for everyone of us the right one.