Modern cuckoo clocks

The traditional version of the Black Forest cuckoo clock is definately the most common one. It is strongly associated with german craftmenship and quality from the Black Forest. But for quite some time modern adaptions of the cuckoo clock have become more and more popular. This might have happended, because of the current zeitgeist that tends to reduce things to their functional basics. Modern cuckoo clocks follow that by taking away almost every detail - like houses, trees or leafes - and only keeping the basic shape, the clockwork itself and of course the cuckoo.

Modern cuckoo clocks are available in many different colors and color-combinations (from plain white to a happy mix), which make them fit into almost every home or livingroom. In some cases, even the cuckoo got replaced by a completely different animal. Every year, new creative ideas try to push the concept of the traditional cuckoo clock further and the variety to choose from is huge. In the world of modern cuckoo clocks, anything is possible.

Modern cuckoo clocks are the perfect gift for people who are fans of German craftmenship on the one hand and love modern simplicity on the other. These clocks combine the traditional concpet with technological state of the art.

On this page, we want to give you a brief overview of the different variations of modern cookoo clocks and hope, we can make your decision easier. We recommend to take a close look at each clock, because sometimes their functionalty is way more suprising than one would think at first sight.

Just like the traditional cuckoo clocks, modern adaptions can come with a VdS-certificate of authenticity which guarantees the origininality of the product. Not all of the clocks below have this very certificate, but we belive that even if they have not been manufactured in Germany in the first place, they certainly do relate to the original ones and mix traditional concepts with innovative ideas.

Modern cuckoo clocks with motifs of shows and brands

Modern cuckoo clocks not only are reduced versions of the original ones, but also can be very detailed and even come with motifs of todays brands or tv shows. This makes them perfect gifts for children or fans of the respective brand or show. Have a look at these ones for example:

There is more to come...

As you can see, there are many ways of modernizing the traditional coockoo clock - either by the reduction of details or by changing the details and motifs for fans of current shows or brands. We are sure, there is more to come in the future and surely will be presenting upcoming innovations on this page.