The German cuckoo clock - repair

If you encounter a problem with your original German clock from the Black Forest, first of all contact the store or the online retailer, who sold you the respective clock. Even if you do not live in Germany most stores have a telephone hotline in English language. Most of the cuckoo clocks purchased in Germany come with a warranty period of one to two years.

If you are not sure who is the manufacturer of your original German Cuckoo Clock from the Black Forest, you can just open it at the back and take look into it. In most cases you see the clockwork with the manufacturer's name.

If you already know which part of your cuckoo clock is damaged, please do not call the cuckoo clock store and ask them to send you the replacement part. There are so many different cuckoo clock models on the market that they won't be able to help you. Instead, look for a specialized shop for clock repair like

The original German pendulum - shipping

If your cuckoo clock from the Black Forest needs to be returned because of a problem, the most important thing is to secure the chains of your pendulum correctly. This can be done by pulling the chains until the weights are tied up to the clock. Insert or drag a cord or a sturdy wire through chains as close as possible to the case. Roll up the chains on a piece of plastic, wrap and secure the bundle with tape. Now the chains can not jump from the gears.

Put the cuckoo clock in a suitable box. The kuku clock is best packed when there are a couple of inches left between each side of the clock and the box. As a filling material you can use old newspapers (in no case styrofoam peanuts)! You do not have to enclose the weights of your German cuckooclock - save yourself those extra shipping costs. If there is something written on the weights, then make a note of this on a sticky note and place it to the packet.