What makes the german cuckoo clock so special?

The traditional German cuckoo clock (sometimes also called “kuku clock”) from the Black Forest is a mechanical clock. A bellows pumps air through two small pipes and there is the famous cuckoo-sound. Modern cuckoo clocks contain a quartz clockwork, so that the sounds are produced electronically. This allows you to play many different sounds, such as birdsongs or other tunes.

How to find the perfect cuckoo clock for you.

Cuckoo clocks come in many different shapes and sizes. Of course, the traditional clocks which show scenes of the past Black-Forest-life are the most authentic ones. On the other hand there are modern versions of the cuckoo clock that focus on the function and not so much on authentic details. No matter which one you prefer - there will be a cuckoo clock for you.

100% original german craftsmanship guaranteed

German cuckoo clocks are very popular in the whole world. This results in a huge increase of fake cuckoo clocks on the market. We recommend buying only those cuckoo clocks that come with a VDS Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate guarantes that the clock is originally manufactured in Germany.

Black Forest cuckoo clock (also called German "coo coo clock" from the Black Forest)

coo coo clock seal The German cuckoo clock from the Black Forest is one of the most interesting and best-known pieces of German craftsmanship. The cuckoo clock has been around for over 400 years and is traditionally produced in Germany's Black Forest. For many years, the cuckoo clock is a popular souvenir and gift, which tourists from around the world buy during their trip through Germany or have it sent from Germany to home. Unfortunately, nowadays there are - due to the popularity of the German cuckoo clock - many imitations, which were not produced in the Black Forest.

If you want to buy an original 100 percent German cuckoo clock from the Black Forest, you have to make absolutely sure that it really is original Black Forest craftsmanship. On our site you will find only 100 percent genuine and authentic cuckoo clocks, which were manufactured in the German Black Forest. All of them come with the VDS Certificate of Authenticity ("Black Forest Clock" Certificate of the association).

The traditional cuckoo clock

The 100 percent genuine and traditional cuckoo clock from the Black Forest has been around for over 400 years and is produced in Germany's Black Forest. The cuckoo clock is elaborately handcrafted from real wood and equipped with a lot of original Black Forest Decoration. Specifically, the rustic look makes this pendulum produced by traditional German craftsmanship so special. In most cases, the dominant color is brown - just like the interior in the original Black Forest houses. more traditional cuckoo clocks

Modern cuckoo clock

Who likes it rather modern, of course does not have to give up a cuckoo clock from the Black Forest. For some time - also provided with the VDS-Certificate - in the Black Forest cuckoo clocks were also produced with a modern look. Meanwhile, these are available in all colors (from plain white to a colorful mix of colors). Sometimes these modern cuckoo clocks have no more cuckoo but another bird or a completely different animal. In the conversion of the traditional cuckoo clock to modern variations, anything is possible. more modern cuckoo clocks

Black Forest cuckoo clock - How to unpack correctly

Once you have purchased one of these beautiful original German cuckoo clocks it will be shipped right to your home. Shipping is international - at fair conditions. Before unpacking the clock, please read the instructions very carefully. Important: Please make sure that you do not turn the clock upside down after you have removed the small bag containing the chains of the cuckoo clock. Otherwise the chains could jump from their gear.